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At The Darling Daily, we believe the things that make you happy are the things that make you, you. We are community that empowers women to embrace their femininity, and admires the strength and softness that simultaneously resides in each of us. We celebrate all that is delightfully girly that make being a woman so special, and strive for lives of personal authenticity, wellness and happiness. At The Darling Daily we believe, when we allow ourselves to live in a way that expresses who we really are, experience things that inspire us and pursue the best version of ourselves, our lives begin to transform.

Daily, we share life enhancing darling things we find in the world of beauty and style, create delicious recipes that fuel our beauty from the inside out, find new ways to connect with our mind, body & soul, explore the world in pursuit of beautiful places, pretty food and darling things to do that bring us simple joys, and collaborate with incredible brands and personalities that embodies The Darling Daily Lifestyle.

Welcome Modern Day Girly Girl.



Photo by: Phil Crozier

Photo by: Phil Crozier


Meet Mary Ligon

The Founder & Creative Director

Mary’s passion for things that are beautifully girly started at a young age. As the youngest of five sisters, Mary has shared a lifetime with strong, beautiful women who embrace their femininity. Their unique styles complement each other as a group, and elevate each woman as an individual. Now, Mary brings that incredible dynamic to women everywhere through The Darling Daily.

Mary’s love of beauty and fashion took her all the way to London, England where she graduated from the Pro Creative Specialist course, and had the pleasure of collaborating with Britain's top designers and makeup artists in the London Fashion Week. After returning to Canada, Mary earned her Marketing Degree and has been working with local & nationwide brands and pesonalities to create their identity.

The Darling Daily is Mary’s way of inspiring women to live life to the fullest, in the most beautifully girly way. As the Creative Director, Mary curates all The Darling Daily content; sharing things she adores, is deeply passionate about, and hopes it will inspire you to live the Darling Daily Lifestyle.